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Zach Valenti

WriScriVember 2017 Feedback?

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Hey everyone,

I'm looking for feedback on WriScriVember 2017 AKA "Write a Script in November." It was a month long community writing challenge in the spirit of Script Frenzy and National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) with a stretch goal of 90 script pages of any medium or genre, a flexibleĀ goal of one completed draft of any length in any medium or genre, and an audio drama contest for qualifying audio drama scripts (learn more at http://wriscrivember.org).

Myself and ourĀ amazing moderators want to know: how'd it go? What should stay the same? What should change? We're interested in anything you want to tell us about the experience. For example:

  • What did you like and/or not like about the email experience?
  • How did you feel about your actual writing time?
  • Were there resources you wished you had, but didn't?
  • Was the community distracting or helpful? What platforms did you communicate with people on?
  • What do you want and not want in regards to a future contest?

There are no wrong answers here. Feel free to be vague and open ended or laser specific and nitpicky.

Thank you,


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