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Hi friends.

I know this isn't really creativity in the, like, artistic sense, but web development is where most of my creative juices get channeled lately.

Anyway, I just finished a new silly li'l website.

http://inthishousewe.love/andappreciate/clever use of domain names

i found out .love is a top level domain and i had to exploit this meme.

you can change the text of the last parameter to change the text that appears in the ascii house.

I think I'm really clever.

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Thanks! :big-grin:

I've got a handful of little dumb projects I work on occasionally.

like the Wolf 359 interactive timeline that used to play audio clips as you visited each episode but I need to fix because I was reorganizing and broke all the links: http://wolf359timeline.herokuapp.com/

and the English to Annoying Discord Emoji Text Generator: https://protected-crag-83545.herokuapp.com/

and I have a little discord bot I'm playing with. He's a moderately ineffective censor bot who replaces bad words with emojis.


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I was reading this topic this afternoon and it reminded me of a computer science problem I had been stuck on (nothing fancy, beginner JavaScript stuff).

I got to thinking about a particular bit of code and how only one part of it was broken.

One stroke of inspiration and quick jaunt to the computer lab later, and what do you know?  The code works.

Thanks for the unintentional inspiration!

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