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Found 1 result

  1. I was listening to a podcast (I'm pretty sure it was "Still Buffering", episode "How to Procrastinate") when I heard an artist talk about setting up deadlines in order to be productive with their art. She talked about how if she didn't set a deadline that she would infinitely work on the art piece, and that that's the reason why setting a deadline was important for her. Otherwise, she'd never consider anything "finished". As an artist, I can immensely relate to that. I've been trying to work on a fan/webcomic for awhile now but I have problems with completing pages. I could go into a lot of details but the tldr version of it is that I am a fairly unskilled artist who needs a lot of time to work on pieces but am taking forever to make pages. So I've decided that I want to create a self-imposed deadline for myself. What's the best way to approach this? I've participated twice in Inktober (a drawing challenge that requires drawing 1 picture for each day of October) so I'm a bit familiar with community-inspired deadlines but doing something all on my own? How do I make myself accountable? Also, how do I figure out an appropriate deadline? I want to post weekly but I've got to do this enough to improve my skills first- as of right now the only weekly pages I can manage based on my schedule is if work gets cancelled for an additional 2 days and I know what I'm doing. But at the same time, by 2 weeks it both feels too long and at that point I get sick of the page and start putting it off because I start hating it. Any tips are appreciated For reference, I ideally go through 3 page drafts ("scrap"->"rough"->"final"), where the final always takes up at least 75% of the total completion time. The page shown below took a week to complete (based on a schedule miracle, small number of panels, and a rare instance of knowing what to do). These are what my "rough" and "final" layers tend to look like: