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  1. DejaDaydream

    Camp Nano

    Yep I did commit to a project, now I have to play a little bit of catch up but I’m really excited about learning more about th characters and world I’m creating.
  2. DejaDaydream

    Camp Nano

    Don’t be sorry, we all have our own stuff going on. Just having this community is enough support.
  3. DejaDaydream

    Camp Nano

    Anyone planning of participating in April’s Camp Nanowrimo? I'm planning on it and it would be great to have a Focused AF cabin to keep me accountable for finishing and so we could support each other.
  4. DejaDaydream

    Bored and Brilliant

    Maybe posting a TED Talk to watch and then discussing it with that chat would be a good way to do it? Just a thought.