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  1. Zoe_R

    Game Writing

    I am interested in exploring writing for video games (as opposed to my usual theatre/radio writing)! I've never done it before, so wondering if anyone has any tips of which kind of programmes I could use, general game writing advice, or (besides my local uni game dev society/team) any groups online that work on developing freelance/indie titles? I have done a fair share of Googling, but looking for some suggestions as to which kinds of things would be the best pick. If that makes sense! Thanks! And hope you're in for a fab weekend
  2. Zoe_R


    Having flashbacks to my early experiences on Hunger Games forums in all the best ways. I'm Zoe, just thought I'd drop by and say hey! I'm 20, live in Scotland, and am a writer for theatre and radio! Super excited to see what fun things everyone gets up to this year - best of luck!