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  1. Alicia

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    legacy. what is a legacy? it's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see
  3. Alicia

    Questions Only?

    Do you mean that in a cosmic sense?
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  5. Alicia

    Who's your favorite general?

    New favorite general hands down!
  6. Alicia

    Who's your favorite general?

    He gives you great low rates online!
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    Questions Only?

    Do any of the questions we've asked here require answers?
  11. Alicia

    Questions Only?

    How could dare you suggest they can't read?
  12. it's okay, I didn't remember that I put that in my first post either!
  13. I'm actually specifically looking for something OTHER than Writer Duet because I didn't want to pay for a subscription and you can only do three scripts for free, and I'm starting this project so my current hack of deleting the in-progress versions of those scripts when I need to write something else isn't going to work anymore.
  14. Alicia

    The Haven Chronicles

    But you put out some pretty fully furnished scripts!