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  1. Last Post Wins

    legacy. what is a legacy? it's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see
  2. Questions Only?

    Do you mean that in a cosmic sense?
  3. Last Post Wins

  4. Who's your favorite general?

    New favorite general hands down!
  5. Who's your favorite general?

    He gives you great low rates online!
  6. Last Post Wins

  7. Growth

  8. Weekly Announcements - 2/9

    Hello everyone! Happy Friday! Here are some announcements for the week! Two Truths And A Lie Last week, Mitzrayim's lie was: I have a tattoo of a rose coming out of a gun as a tribute to my favorite band Guns N' Roses. Did you get it right? Try your luck again with this week's participant, @Gmz1023! I once hitchhiked across the United States I like watermelon I've written a program Be sure to vote on what you think is the lie in the poll above! Wanna see if anyone could guess your own lie? Be our next participant by submitting your two truths and a lie here! Introductions If you’re new to the forum, or you just haven’t already, consider telling us a little about yourself on the introductions page! Also, if you have a creative project going on, try telling us even more about it by making a thread in the creativity page! Emoji Update! If you haven’t noticed already, you can now use Twitter-style smileys to your heart’s content! Go ahead and try some out on whatever post you like! Personally, I really dig the cowboy hat! Community Announcements Got anything you’d like to share with the FocusedAF community? Send it to us with this form! Announcements are subject to moderator approval (we will contact you if we have concerns!), and must be submitted by 9:00 PM, EST on Thursday to appear in Friday’s announcement. Self Care Sunday - 2/11 This week’s theme is “On doing all the things” and will feature special guest Christopher Castiglione, the co-founder of One Month! It will go live between 2-3pm EST! Subscribe to Zach Valenti’s Youtube channel for notifications when it goes live!
  9. Last Post Wins

  10. Questions Only?

    Do any of the questions we've asked here require answers?
  11. Questions Only?

    How could dare you suggest they can't read?
  12. it's okay, I didn't remember that I put that in my first post either!
  13. I'm actually specifically looking for something OTHER than Writer Duet because I didn't want to pay for a subscription and you can only do three scripts for free, and I'm starting this project so my current hack of deleting the in-progress versions of those scripts when I need to write something else isn't going to work anymore.
  14. The Haven Chronicles

    But you put out some pretty fully furnished scripts!