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  1. Questions Only?

    Is the game over yet?
  2. Last Post Wins

  3. Web Development Stuff

    Hi friends. I know this isn't really creativity in the, like, artistic sense, but web development is where most of my creative juices get channeled lately. Anyway, I just finished a new silly li'l website. http://inthishousewe.love/andappreciate/clever use of domain names i found out .love is a top level domain and i had to exploit this meme. you can change the text of the last parameter to change the text that appears in the ascii house. I think I'm really clever.
  4. Last Post Wins

    and then i was winning
  5. Baking

    Happy Pi Day, nerds. <3
  6. Baking

    Hi kids. I love baking. I haven't in a while but then i was, uh, inspired this weekend. I might have to dig through facebook to find some of my past baking adventures as well. They were many and varied. Anyway, who else likes baking and/or baked goods in general?
  7. Post Your Playlists

    Someone on Tumblr told me that my "stop being moody" playlist helped them get through three essays and that I have great taste in music. Little do they know, I'm eight other peoples' music taste wearing a trench coat. Anyway, the playlists are public now
  8. Word Association

    Video games
  9. Last Post Wins

    anyway, i win.
  10. Camp Nano

    I'm no writer, but always down to be a cheering section.
  11. Last Post Wins

    Now I've got Hamilton stuck in my head.
  12. Last Post Wins

    what fresh hell is this. also, i win.
  13. Whatcha Readin'?

    Hey everyone! What've you been reading lately? Fiction, non-fiction? What do you recommend? Right now I'm making my way through Into the Drowning Deep by Mira Grant, which is an amazing book about highly predatory, very frightening mermaids. Who use sign language. It's awesome. Highly recommend, along with Mira Grants Newsflesh books, which are about journalist bloggers in post-zombie apocalypse America.
  14. Rose, Thorn, and Bud

    Hey everyone! I want to invite you all to try one of my favorite mindfulness exercises: Rose, Thorn, and Bud. We use this at summer camp a lot as a bunk talk activity, to let our campers reflect and share about their day. The exercise is simple enough. Just ask yourself these three things: Rose - What was the highlight of your day today? Thorn - What was one thing that didn't go as well as you'd like today? Bud - What is something you're looking forward to tomorrow? I really love RTB, and use it myself for reflection and refocusing on positive things going on in my life (without trying to ignore the negative). And making myself find something good, and focus on something I'm looking forward to helps me be positive and grateful even on the terrible, awful, no-good, very bad days. If you like this, feel free to use it for yourself! Here's one of mine from earlier this week: Rose: I had a really good performance coaching session with my supervisors! They had very nice things to say, and we agreed on where my growth areas are and it just went really well. Thorn: I had a ticket to fix one of our test environments, and it took a really long time and was blocking other people's work for most of the day... That was a lot of pressure. Bud: After years of saying "I think I want to get a tattoo," I've started talking with a studio about getting a tattoo! And I'm really excited! I've got a design picked out and everything, and I found a studio with work that I really like!
  15. Baking

    i forgot i now know a very good vegan cupcake recipe. probably would've been even better if i hadn't gone the My Drunk Kitchen route with them. https://minimalistbaker.com/one-bowl-vegan-funfetti-cupcakes/
  16. Last Post Wins

    i regret the clownboy.
  17. Weekly Announcements - 2/16

    Happy Friday everyone! We're half way through February! How is your month going? Here's your weekly announcements: Two Truths and a Lie Most of us got @Gmz1023's lie this week! His lie was: I like watermelon. This week we have our very own forum moderator, @Alicia! I was a cheerleader in high school I play clarinet in my college band I like listening to musicals What do you think? Vote for what you think is Alicia's lie in the poll above! Want to be next week's participant? Submit your two truths and a lie here. Forum News: Help & Tutorials We're working on some Help and Tutorial documents and videos to show off all the features available on the FocusedAF community! We'll be covering a lot of topics, from setting up your profile to subscribing to your favorite forums and threads. If there's something you'd like to make sure we cover, please let us know! And of course, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to make a thread in Help, or message a staff member. Community Announcements Have something you'd like to share with the FocusedAF community? Send it to us with this form! Announcements are subject to moderator approval (we will contact you if we have concerns!), and must be submitted by 9:00 PM, EST on Thursday to appear in Friday’s announcement. No Self Care Sunday this week! Zach will be back for SCS again on 2/25. Check back next week for time and topic! Pairing Podcast ft. Emma Sherr-Ziarko Emma Sherr-Ziarko has launched her new podcast, Pairing! Join Emma and her guests to learn about art, books, movies and more, as well as the wines that compliment them. Now available on Apple Podcasts. Visit thepairingpodcast.com for more info, or check them out on twitter!
  18. Last Post Wins

    ... i regret the clowns.
  19. Hello FocusedAF Community! Happy Friday and Groundhog Day! Here’s your announcements for the week: Two Truths and a Lie Most of us missed Zach’s lie last week! Zach’s lie was: My incredibly famous sock puppet, Ruffles, is named after a childhood pet gerbil. Ruffles was, in fact, named after... nothing! Congrats to @MK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ for getting it right! This week’s participant is @Mitzrayim! I own a real samurai sword that I bought at a convention for $30 I have a tattoo of a rose coming out of a gun as a tribute to my favorite band Guns N' Roses I tried adopting a frog I found while at summer camp Which do you think is the lie? Vote in the poll above! Would you like to be our Two Truths and a Lie participant next week? Enter with this form! Introductions Thank you to everyone who has created an Introductions thread this week! It’s been great seeing everyone’s interests and projects. We look forward to getting to know even more folks in this community, so please drop by Introductions and introduce yourself if you haven’t yet! Forum Updates: Emojis! Fun fact: Twitter’s emoji library is open source, and we’re importing some of it to expand our emoji library! This weekend we’ll be importing some fresh new smilies. If there’s any part of the emoji library you think we should prioritize, let us know! Community Announcements If you have an announcement to share with the FocusedAF community, please submit it here. Announcements are subject to moderator approval (we will contact you if we have concerns!), and must be submitted by 9:00 PM, EST on Thursday to appear in Friday’s announcement. Self Care Sunday - 2/4 This week’s theme is “Balancing being creative with being on social media & using technology.” Stream will start between 2:00 and 3:00 PM EST, and include an interview with Nate Maingard. Subscribe to Zach Valenti’s YouTube channel for notifications when SCS is live! Won A Playwriting Contest - Alicia Last semester I submitted a play I wrote to a festival happening at my university. This week, I got an email saying my play had been chosen, and it’s going to be cast and put on in the festival in April! I’m beyond excited for this and honored to have been chosen!
  20. Post Your Playlists

    i have two very important playlists but i'm terrible at curating playlists and have questionable taste in music, so i just have like a 27 hour long playlist of whatever music i've enjoyed lately.
  21. Questions Only?

    does anyone know why a cupcake that contains 0 corn or corn byproduct would still taste... like corn?
  22. Last Post Wins

  23. Weekly Announcements - Happy Groundhog Day!

    Update: Emoji import: Part 1 is complete! You should now be able to find the Twemoji style emojis under the "Smiley" set on the emoji toolbar! up next, organizing them into a sensical order...
  24. Baking

    you had to make it a challenge, didn't you.
  25. Questions Only?

    ... Does that sentence make sense to anyone other than Patrick?