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  1. Rina


    This weekend we made cookies The recipe was definitely a lie and did not have me save enough dough for the green and white layers as it should have.
  2. Rina

    502 Bad Gateway Error

    I'm not seeing high traffic in our report, so I'm not sure it's any issue with our forum. I believe we're using an Invision-hosted server, so it may be an issue with their services. If it happens again, clearing cache and restarting your browser can sometimes help with persistent gateway errors. And if it persists for more than 5-10 minutes, let us know so we can hit up Invision's support about it.
  3. Rina

    Web Development Stuff

    Thanks! I've got a handful of little dumb projects I work on occasionally. like the Wolf 359 interactive timeline that used to play audio clips as you visited each episode but I need to fix because I was reorganizing and broke all the links: http://wolf359timeline.herokuapp.com/ and the English to Annoying Discord Emoji Text Generator: https://protected-crag-83545.herokuapp.com/ and I have a little discord bot I'm playing with. He's a moderately ineffective censor bot who replaces bad words with emojis.
  4. Rina

    Google Maps Pupper Search

    new game: go on google maps and look for people walking their dogs. hard mode: look for cats.
  5. Rina

    Questions Only?

    Is the game over yet?
  6. Rina

    Last Post Wins

  7. Rina

    Web Development Stuff

    Hi friends. I know this isn't really creativity in the, like, artistic sense, but web development is where most of my creative juices get channeled lately. Anyway, I just finished a new silly li'l website. http://inthishousewe.love/andappreciate/clever use of domain names i found out .love is a top level domain and i had to exploit this meme. you can change the text of the last parameter to change the text that appears in the ascii house. I think I'm really clever.
  8. Rina

    Last Post Wins

    and then i was winning
  9. Rina


    Happy Pi Day, nerds. <3
  10. Rina

    Post Your Playlists

    Someone on Tumblr told me that my "stop being moody" playlist helped them get through three essays and that I have great taste in music. Little do they know, I'm eight other peoples' music taste wearing a trench coat. Anyway, the playlists are public now
  11. Rina

    Word Association

    Video games
  12. Rina

    Last Post Wins

    anyway, i win.
  13. Rina

    Camp Nano

    I'm no writer, but always down to be a cheering section.
  14. Rina

    Last Post Wins

    Now I've got Hamilton stuck in my head.
  15. Rina

    Last Post Wins

    what fresh hell is this. also, i win.