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    Rose, Thorn, and Bud

    Rose - Listening to the new arctic monkeys album while being cozy in bed. Thorn - I was supposed to go do some groceries and go out but I didn't manage. Bud - Going out this time, taking some time for myself. Iv'e been through a rough patch lately and it took a toll on my mental health, but staying at this friend's empty flat and being alone in a city I don't know will probably be refreshing.
  2. Aleksi

    Rose, Thorn, and Bud

    Rose - Wearing my roommate's hoodie while going to do my laundry in what turned out to be a cozy and classy laundromat. Definitely going to bring a book next time. Thorn - Going. To Do. The Laundry. And motivating myself to do that in the first place. Bud - Looking forward to seeing my friend again, and to watch SCS. I also ordered a new and honestly cheap graphic tablet and I won't get it before next week but I'm so excited! I've had mine since high school and it's time for a change, especially now that I'm working freelance.
  3. Hi there, I'm Aleksi, I'm 24 and my pronouns are they/them or he/him (whichever is fine). I'm an aries, infp, slytherin nerd. I am a Freelance Illustrator/Graphic Designer from France, I draw a lot obviously, I also love to write and read. I'm a big fan of media and storytelling such as movies, tv shows, music, books, comics, podcasts, which are also a way of escapism for me. I'm teaching myself swedish, my guilty pleasure is creating playlists and moodboards which I seem to be pretty good at, according to my friends, I am really into space and poetry. Pastries and coffee are the way to my heart (also, cheese). You can find my art pretty much everywhere @ afrozenwolf πŸ’ž
  4. Thank you Zach, it means the world to me that you think so β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—
  5. Aleksi

    Whatcha Doin'? (Stuff you're working on)

    I'm working on a novel, that I also want to draw for (with illustrations) about two genderqueer kids in a post apocalyptic world that was devastated by bioweapons/viruses. It's going to deal with mental illness a lot too. I have been veeeery slow about it as in I made a couple of drawings for my ocs and wrote a few lines in all of 2017 but I am still very much planning and wish I could just Get Writing already. I made a few mood boards too, if you want to get the atmosphere of the story. (tw for self harm, body horror, gore) I also kind of maybe want to start writing personal comics, but no decision has been made, just a thought I've had lately.
  6. Aleksi


    Question: who said this was hard?
  7. Aleksi

    Last Post Wins

    I can't believe I beat Zach Valenti himself. I'm truly a legend
  8. Aleksi

    Rose, Thorn, and Bud

    Rose - I am finally listening to focused.af, and dancing while packing, surprisingly, made me feel better. Thorn - I didn't really eat anything consistant because I was too busy, well, packing my stuff and worrying about being able to carry it all tomorrow. Also worrying about moving out from my friend's place to crash at this other friend's place and scared to share a space with someone for the first time in months. Bud - I am looking forward to be done with the moving, and socialize a bit with the friend I'm gonna be staying at, which is something my therapist really wants me to do, given my tendencies to retrieve away from the world during depressive episodes.
  9. Aleksi

    Whatcha Readin'?

    I haven't read that one, but I shall!
  10. Aleksi

    Whatcha Readin'?

    I'm currently reading Night Vale #1, I have been rereading all the Harry Potter books (actually first time in english). I think my favourite book I've read in 2017 was Franny and Zooey by JD. Salinger, just so good. Some favourite books of all time include The Secret History and The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Crush by Richard Siken.