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    Last Post Wins

    Legacies don't exist! What's a legacy? That's not a legacy! Who let you in here?
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    Oh, definitely.
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    Sounds like a plan!
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    Questions Only?

    What do you mean by that, Zach?
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    Questions Only?

    Isn't there always a continuation of this game?
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    Who's your favorite general?

    Just to add to this riveting conversation, here's a picture of my least favorite general:
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    Questions Only?

    Was that your continuation of the game?
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    Rose, Thorn, and Bud

    Rose: In early February of last year, I was hanging out with a friend who told me about a story that she'd been messing around with in her head since eighth grade. We spent several hours talking about four characters, and the situation that they had just found themselves in. She expressed some difficulty she was having with creating it, and I offered to help her. That was just over one year ago. Coincidentally, I hung out with her yesterday too, and we talked through a lot of the plot. We hit several breakthroughs on the premise of the universe that all of this takes place in, as well as a few major plot twists and character backstories. Every time we hit these breakthroughs, I feel much more motivated to work on it! Thorn: I keep putting off writing an email to my English teacher. I really need to do that... Bud: My cousin and her girlfriend are visiting for Mardi Gras, and will be getting in later today! I'm so excited to see them!
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    The clown wins. That's just science!