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  1. Kate

    How do you create self-imposed deadlines?

    A couple methods I'd recommend: setting hard and fast deadlines for posting stuff online! put a time that you're going to post the page on the website and holding yourself to it can be hard, but it'll help you get in the habit if you feel accountable to readers. (if the idea of this stresses you out, maybe find a friend or friends with a similar goal and sort of hold each other accountable? the idea is to get that community motivation like from Inktober) - you could even do a trial run for a month and do something like diary comics or single page narratives to test schedule and workflow and learn how quickly you can expect yourself to work, etc doing some timed drawings as practice, and honing your workflow to the essentials! knowing yourself and your process and adjusting your deadlines accordingly - if every week is too much and will stress you out, maybe start off every 2 weeks to give yourself that cushion, and if you feel your process speeding up you can jump to weekly either alternatively or in addition to the above, you could also try working on a seasonal status and work on building up a small backlog of pages before launch and during the breaks in order to have a just-in-case stack for when you're travelling, or get sick and don't work as much, or any other stumbling blocks that happen like losing a file, etc. I'm not going to bullet this because it's not technically deadline advice, but one more quick suggestion: try to have as much fun as possible with whatever you're creating, you'll most likely be driven to work on it more, and making art should ideally be a fun, challenging thing that doesn't just add deadlines and stress to your life. Sorry for a huge chunk of text, I didn't mean for this to so long, but I hope it helps!
  2. hello everyone! my name is Kate (she/her) and I go to SAIC in Chicago for animation and illustration! I'm usually pretty busy with class stuff but I'm trying to keep up w the general happenings of this community and also, ask a lot of questions. I have so many questions? I'm super interested in artistic/creative process and always down to chat about all that jazz. and yes, I was serious about the personal hype man thing. if you need a willing enthusiast to cheer you on, hmu
  3. Kate

    Creativity Routine?

    I'm curious about whether people have specific creative things they do each day that helps them focus or be creatively productive? Trying to edit my own routine w the new year/new semester
  4. Kate

    What's most important RE: creativity?

    Not letting yourself stagnate? I think anyways, it's so easy to want to create something but to stumble and slow down because you can't think of an idea or because you have too many. Just starting work on something leads to new ideas/changes that are really helpful and will make you want to create more! Also, and I'm not sure how well this translates to media other than visual arts but I think it's worth mentioning anyways: I used get caught up a lot in feeling like my current skills weren't good enough for a particular idea and wouldn't even attempt it because of that. But like, that's how you push and improve your skills so you can make even cooler stuff in the future, so even just a sketch test of a big idea is worth a go.