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    I thought it'd be neat to start a thread for the latest (as of April 13, 2018) Focused.af episode, "Green Grass". Since I tend to talk too much I thought I'd preface my thoughts with a post highlighting what I think are the big talking points of the episode: Loving lots of things and wanting to do them all "The grass is always greener" because you've got to be up close to see the patchy (bad) spots of something Starting over vs. working through what you already have So what do you all think?
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    First of all, that drawing is amazing. I'm definitely in the "work things through rather than starting from scratch" camp. Starting over seems like it would be easier, because the early stages generally tend to be. With a blank slate, you have so many options open, so if one doesn't work it doesn't feel like a big deal. But as a project takes shape, your options for progress narrow. It gets harder because you have a better idea of what you want Your Thing to be, and you feel compelled to work through issues rather than find an easier solution. That's a good thing. It means your project is starting to exist. Whenever I feel like scrapping something, I remind myself that the same issues will crop up with the new project. It's just a part of making something--something I can be proud of, anyway. So then it becomes a question of whether I actually like the new idea enough to take the time necessary to start from scratch. Otherwise, stay the course. PS: got distracted five times while writing this just looking at your comic. Looks like you've got a fantastic sense of humor!
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    Firstly, wanting to do many different things is 1000% relatable- if I could do many different things I'd love to compose some music, make video games, draw webcomics, write amazing fanfic, be fluent in Japanese, learn to code, maybe learn a bit of dancing, and all sorts of random stuff (make a podcast maybe!). Granted that some of that you can try to do in the same lifetime- I've just been so consumed with my art lately that I don't even have much time to play video games anymore (a deadly sin as far as my 10 year old self was concerned). Regardless of how many of these things can be accomplished in one lifetime, however, I think that the topic of the episode is pretty relevant. No matter what you try getting into, it starts getting harder (the grass gets less green) the more you look into it. Which leads me to my next point. I think that the "grass is always greener" metaphor presented is pretty spot-on. There's a saying that the more you learn, the more you realize that you don't know anything... and that's pretty much what your friend was saying Zach. Everything has its rough patches (of grass), it's merely a matter of what ones you choose to endure. I have my own funny little example here (though Google misreads "compound" as "heavy"). As someone who does amateur translating the fact that there's a wall of dialect, tone, casual use, nuance, complex sentences, and much more to master is rather daunting. But I love doing it, so it's not something that will get me to stop. Speaking of stopping, I also agree that it's worse to start over on big projects than to work your way through what you already have. I've had tons of ideas and started projects over the years that have been abandoned because I hit a point where it started looking less tantalizing than the greener grasses of other projects. But after years and years of wanting to do all of these art projects but not getting anywhere with any of them I started getting tired of watching all of my passionate ideas die, so I'm finally buckling down and honing in on one. In fact, with my current project (a webcomic I'm creating) I had taken a year off because I had discovered Wolf 359 and wanted to make art for it while it was still running (/I was facing that problem of wanting to slip away from this patch of grass). Then I realized that I had a problem because my art had improved in the year I was on hiatus. So I thought about starting over (with new updated art because I found myself hating a particularly early set of pages) but knew that if I did that I'd probably give up the project entirely. Not this time! I'm tired of running away from all this stuff that I'm very passionate about. So I'm working through the fear and you know what? Putting behind me the pages I hate the most: And looking at what has come out of moving forward: I'm glad that I chose to keep going C:
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    How did you manage writing for Wolf? Like, How did you get in the **mood**
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    I'm so disappointed that the old Kirby forums that I was a part of had been weeded through and (somewhat) deleted due to a malware attack on the site a few years ago. Not only did a lot of the forum game threads disappear, but there was a topic I created a loooooooong while ago that linked to a website that is indescribable that I can't find anymore. I tried finding the topic so that I could get a link to the site but it's too far gone. It had something to do with Japanese emoticons and the English alphabet. Also check it out suckers I'm winning.
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    New hobby: Finding dead forums, joining just to make a post in their "Last Post Wins" threads.