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    Hi everyone! My name is Juliana my pronouns are she/her, and I'm a 20 yr old bisexual university student from Brazil, majoring in Spatial Planning. Weird, I know. I swear it's a thing, Europe has it too. I have a great passion for writing and storytelling in a lot of different formats and medias, but books and podcasts are definitely my favorites. I'm a cancer, INFP (lots of INFPs here huh) and a Hufflepuff. I'm very hesitant in calling myself a writer or an artist, because I just recently got back into writing my own content, but I dream of writing an audio drama podcast myself in the future. Sorry I stole part of your title @Aleksi, couldn't resist the urge to rhyme
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    Hi! I'm Rennie (she/her pronouns). I'm a senior in high school from New Orleans, Louisiana. I'm in the visual arts program at my school, and spend a lot of my creative energy working on a whole bunch of different art related things. I'm also very interested in the sciences, and will probably end up studying something more scientific along with visual arts in college. I'm not great at self care or staying focused, but I'm eternally grateful to have made it to this tiny corner of the internet.
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    hello everyone! my name is Kate (she/her) and I go to SAIC in Chicago for animation and illustration! I'm usually pretty busy with class stuff but I'm trying to keep up w the general happenings of this community and also, ask a lot of questions. I have so many questions? I'm super interested in artistic/creative process and always down to chat about all that jazz. and yes, I was serious about the personal hype man thing. if you need a willing enthusiast to cheer you on, hmu
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    Hello. I'm Artimis, ae/aem and they/them pronouns. Second year substitute teacher. I studied music education in college. I'm love podcasts. I want to make my own eventually. I've just recently started writing again. It's great. I don't know what else to put here. So. Hello!
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    Reminds me of a slightly less depressing version of some "Darkness"
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    Having flashbacks to my early experiences on Hunger Games forums in all the best ways. I'm Zoe, just thought I'd drop by and say hey! I'm 20, live in Scotland, and am a writer for theatre and radio! Super excited to see what fun things everyone gets up to this year - best of luck!
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    I'm the creator of the haven chronicles, I'm a functional vampire*, i have a collection of assorted rocks and old coins in my room, and i'm new in town. Yeah, that's a good introduction. (I have not seen the sun in six months, due to work schedule)
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    Hi kids. I love baking. I haven't in a while but then i was, uh, inspired this weekend. I might have to dig through facebook to find some of my past baking adventures as well. They were many and varied. Anyway, who else likes baking and/or baked goods in general?
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    Hey everyone! So for almost a year now, (actually over a year now) I have been working on a scifi/horror/comedy podcast called The Haven Chronicles... Which is just entering its second season! and will be having some major guest appearances from some big shows... (though to be fair, those people were in my show before the other show got big, but this isn't a measuring contest)... Not really sure what else to put here? so, i guess, ask some questions?...
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    Hey everyone! I'm Rina. She/Her pronouns are great. I'm a web developer near New Orleans. Also, sometimes artist, musician, occasional writer, giant podcast nerd, and always ready to throw down about how great pineapple is on pizza. Right now I'm playing around with designing a choice based game, which is quite the adventure. I'm also an admin for these forums, so if you're having any problems, technical or otherwise, feel free to shoot me a message!
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    I'm curious about whether people have specific creative things they do each day that helps them focus or be creatively productive? Trying to edit my own routine w the new year/new semester
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    What up its Mitzrayim! My pronouns are she/her. I'm 23 (I'll be 24 in April), I'm a Hufflepuff, an avid gamer, and I enjoy long walks anywhere (when the weather's nice). I also love films, comic books, and podcasts. My only goals in life are to be happy and make everyone around me happy too.
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    I wrote my first original thing in years and wanted to share. It's short and kind of melancholy, but here's a thing I wrote on how dry it's been this winter.
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    i should have known better than to give you access to a "general" chat. Anyway, there's only one general that I care about:
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    I'm working on revising my favorite of my own novel drafts and it's uhhhhh REALLY HARD. I don't want to ruin it. Anyway. I'm working on that and I'm also writing a podcast, the idea for which I've been sitting on for like. A year and a half now. I'm also writing the longest fanfic I have ever written (a road trip prequel to Wolf 359 from the SI-5's POV), the last three chapters of an evil Molly Hooper Sherlock au, and a Within the Wires/Dan and Phil crossover which has lots of words in it but is still not far enough in that I feel comfortable posting it. Anyway! That's my projects
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    Hello! I'm...a person of many names. Everyone here probably knows me either by my birth name or by Masq, Phantom, and Uhane. I'm trying out Miiko right now. My pronouns are they/them. She is alright if you forget. I'm 18, a complete disaster, lover of cats, slytherin, being weird bc new medication, a basket with things inside of it is not a sandwich, thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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    Hey everyone! I’m Alicia (she/her) and I’m a college freshman in Arkansas! I am studying journalism and writing and I am super into podcasts and podcasting! I like all types of stories and writing. TV, movies, podcasts, musicals...you name it, I love it! I’m also a mod on this forum, so you can come to me with any questions that you have! I can’t wait to get to know all of you!
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    I've been working on a podcast for the better part of a year now (Actually, it might be exactly a year today.. huh). I just released an episode today, and i've got like 3 more to edit and release.
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    I draw on a drawing tablet, so as a part of my routine I brew up a fresh pot of coffee (or alternatively, make some tea or hot chocolate), activate "Focal Filter" (a program that lets me block distracting programs for a few hours), and listen to music or podcasts. Or listen to a movie that's playing in the background. It also sounds silly, given that I'm 24, but I have a calendar that I hang on the wall near my bed that I keep a collection of awesome stickers by. If I've done my drawing for the day, I reward myself with a sticker (the more focused/productive I am, the better the sticker).
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    I loved hearing the kind of things that you were up to- mind you that it didn't have to be anything spectacular or grand. It was just nice keeping up on what you were doing without having to remember that people use Twitter way more frequently than I do ^^; I'll go ahead and say that if there's one thing that the #FocusedAF could do without... it's you killing yourself every day to get an episode out. Please pace yourself and remember to put your health above all else! (If I recall correctly you weren't going to do this every day, right? I don't think every day is viable.)
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    Rose - I am finally listening to focused.af, and dancing while packing, surprisingly, made me feel better. Thorn - I didn't really eat anything consistant because I was too busy, well, packing my stuff and worrying about being able to carry it all tomorrow. Also worrying about moving out from my friend's place to crash at this other friend's place and scared to share a space with someone for the first time in months. Bud - I am looking forward to be done with the moving, and socialize a bit with the friend I'm gonna be staying at, which is something my therapist really wants me to do, given my tendencies to retrieve away from the world during depressive episodes.
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    I used to have a routine until i got my current job... currently trying to rectify that buuut my routine was wake up, eat a good breakfast, go for a bike ride, come home, write an ass load. Play some minecraft (Skyfactory FTW!) and then sleep.
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    I loved all the random conversations you had with people that you just bumped into, everyone had something interesting and insightful to say, and it's was really awesome
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    I do, actually. I bought a planner this year, and every day I write down the base things I need to get done every day to stay balanced and creative. On my daily list are things like: Yoga, walk 1 hour, read 1/2 hour, write 2k, etc. There is something really satisfying about marking those things off daily. I will also jot down important daily events, but I try very hard to keep this planner just for things I consider self care.
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    I may be a vocal minority but I absolutely loved the process talk -- but I am also a podcaster who is super obsessed with tech stuff, so it's a blend of two things I love. Plus you seem at least semi passionate about it and great content comes from things people are passionate about. As for the Focused.AF -- It's a great name, a great domain, and really a good marketing ploy if you do it right. Like, if you just start calling the show "Focused.AF" then all people have to say is "The show is the domain" or vice versa. I wish i had something half as good as that