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Community Guidelines

Welcome to the #FocusedAF community! First off, what the heck is a community?

a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.
‘It was a celebration of community through shared storytelling and of the human ability to create art.’

So basically we’re the Fellowship of the Ring, but instead of the ring, we’re focused on creativity and self care.


The following are values, ground rules, and guidelines of the #FocusedAF community:

  • Be welcoming and open-minded - This is a community dedicated to promoting creativity and self-care.  Be courteous and understanding of others’ differences. No matter someone’s background or experience, all are welcome in this community.
  • Assume no malice - Keep in mind that there is a person on the other side of the screen that you are talking to, and it is most likely that they don’t mean you any harm. Mistakes and misunderstandings happen. Try to remember that most people mean well.
  • Stay on topic - Spam and off topic comments can quickly derail a thread from its intended purpose. To foster effective and productive discussion, try to stay on topic.
  • Be clear - Tone can be difficult to read in text conversations. Sarcasm doesn’t always come across, and jokes can be misconstrued. Be clear in your language, and remember the golden rule: speak to others how you would like to be spoken to.


Things that are not allowed:

  • Hate speech
  • Threatening, harassing, or bullying of other users
  • Adult material (Nudity, pornography, or explicit sexual acts)
  • Extreme violence
  • Viruses, spyware, or malware
  • Accounts of illegal activities
  • Excessive Swearing (Keep it PG-13)
  • Impersonation

If you see another user posting content that you feel violates these guidelines, please use the “Report” feature, or message a member of staff about the issue.

Moderators will review reports, and if they determine a rule has been broken, will issue a warning. Warnings will include a message from the moderating team explaining the violation, and a point value based on the severity of the infraction.

Warning points will result in the following consequences:

  1. Note from moderator on warning explaining infraction
  2. Direct message from moderator
  3. Restricted use of forum
  4. Temporary suspension from forum
  5. Permanent suspension from forum

Points may be forgiven over time at moderators’ discretion.


Twemoji emoticons by Twitter and The Iconfactory are used under CC BY 4.0 license