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    Is the game over yet?
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  4. Web Development Stuff

    Hi friends. I know this isn't really creativity in the, like, artistic sense, but web development is where most of my creative juices get channeled lately. Anyway, I just finished a new silly li'l website. http://inthishousewe.love/andappreciate/clever use of domain names i found out .love is a top level domain and i had to exploit this meme. you can change the text of the last parameter to change the text that appears in the ascii house. I think I'm really clever.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Last Post Wins

    Guess again
  7. Last week
  8. Last Post Wins

    and then i was winning
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  10. Baking

    Happy Pi Day, nerds. <3
  11. Word Association

  12. Last Post Wins

    So the other day i was thinking, Does one actually ever win this game? Isn't this game just a great never ending battle of posts and rebuttles? There is no victor. there is no winning, there is just the continual prolonging of defeat. To truly win this game, one most simply find a way to go back in time to a point before the game existed and stop it from ever existing only then can you consider yourself a victor. anyway, i win.
  13. Post Your Playlists

    Someone on Tumblr told me that my "stop being moody" playlist helped them get through three essays and that I have great taste in music. Little do they know, I'm eight other peoples' music taste wearing a trench coat. Anyway, the playlists are public now
  14. Word Association

    Video games
  15. Last Post Wins

    anyway, i win.
  16. Camp Nano

    I'm no writer, but always down to be a cheering section.
  17. Camp Nano

    Anyone planning of participating in April’s Camp Nanowrimo? I'm planning on it and it would be great to have a Focused AF cabin to keep me accountable for finishing and so we could support each other.
  18. Last Post Wins

    Legacies don't exist! What's a legacy? That's not a legacy! Who let you in here?
  19. Last Post Wins

    legacy. what is a legacy? it's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see
  20. Last Post Wins

    Now I've got Hamilton stuck in my head.
  21. Last Post Wins

    @Rina it's your legacy also, no. i win.
  22. Last Post Wins

    what fresh hell is this. also, i win.
  23. Last Post Wins

    Do you think @Rinaeven pays attention to this?
  24. Podcast Prompts

    Zach asked for some prompts for podcasts during the last Self-Care Sunday so I'd thought I'd make this so we can all share ours. I'll start with a pretty heavy one; how do you stay committed to your art when it's unconventional and most outlets tend to favor the mainstream. Please share your own prompts!
  25. Last Post Wins

    Oh, definitely.
  26. Last Post Wins

    It's sorta a good way to remind @Rina about what she created
  27. Last Post Wins

    Sounds like a plan!
  28. Last Post Wins

    i'm just going to continue to quote this for the last post
  29. Game Writing

    I am interested in exploring writing for video games (as opposed to my usual theatre/radio writing)! I've never done it before, so wondering if anyone has any tips of which kind of programmes I could use, general game writing advice, or (besides my local uni game dev society/team) any groups online that work on developing freelance/indie titles? I have done a fair share of Googling, but looking for some suggestions as to which kinds of things would be the best pick. If that makes sense! Thanks! And hope you're in for a fab weekend
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