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Writing, Sanity, & Social Media with Sarah Shachat • #SelfCareSunday Episode 45


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Join me live for #SelfCareSunday on YouTube Sunday, May 6, 2018 at 4PM EST!

My name is Zach Valenti, a creator & helicopter cat dad based in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I’m fascinated by the relationship between creativity and self care. You may know me from Wolf 359, a Webby Award nominated sci-fi audio drama podcast, or Project Uplift, my insane mental health awareness campaign.

/#SelfCareSunday is a monthly livestream exploring the connection between creative and taking care of yourself. I interview my creative friends and other awesome people on the internet to get to the bottom of how to make all the things without burning out. There are Q&As, a dedicated cat-cam for my geriatric calico, Tiffany, fun pre-taped segments, and sometimes I’m terrible at baking.

This month, we’re joined by writer/producer Sarah Shachat! You may know Sarah from Wolf 359. We’ll talking about what keeps her creating, what it was like to work on Wolf 359, and how she deals with the B.S. in the way of making cool stuff (like Twitter).

Please share your questions here!

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